dilluns, 31 d’octubre de 2011

The Simpsons

The Simpsons are a family whit five membres. Homer and March are the parents and three sons , two girls and one boy.The eldest son is bart, he’s something naughty and thug , always in trouble. The second daugter is Lisa, she’s completely diferent of Bart, she’s a very Student, she likes play jazz with saxophone and read all books and always  to just causes.And the last daughter is Maggi, she’s a baby  yet, always dressed in a nightgown and  her red pacifier. Finally talk about March, she’s a very good wife and mother, with a great personallity and true motor family.
Homer Simpson:
Homer is the father Simpson’s  family. His body is yellow and he haven’t  hair on his head. He likes a lot  drink  Duff beer and eat donuts. Homer visit the Moes bar  everyday. He’s glutton, selfish and something estupid, but he have a very big heart, (in the last moment).

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